As a solar-powered festival, empowering others to be energy independent is at the heart of what we’re about. This interactive space demystifies how to harness the energy of the sun to (em)power our lives. Understand how solar and other renewable energy systems work through hands-on demos, workshops and presentations. Witness solar power in action by visiting the various solar rigs generating power throughout the Festival! 


Ready to take the next step in sustainable living? Hands-on workshops and presentations, hosted by Homegrown Social Events, feature over 50 regional practitioners in the areas of health and wellness, regenerative agriculture, energy and the environment, and arts and community amidst a fun upbeat festival atmosphere!


Immerse yourself in a welcoming space hosted by the Healing Heart Cave. Sip high-vibe tea, soothe your nervous system with sound healing, raise your energy with a group kirtan and delight in an artist exhibition depicting the relationship between humans and the earth. Receive bodywork or purchase alternative health products including CBD, herbs, salves, and tinctures.


Interact with carefully curated craft and service vendors in an open-air market. Exchange ideas with experts in fields ranging from hydroelectrics to hydroponics, solar power to medicinal plants, vermiculture to viticulture, beekeeping to goat tending, performing arts to healing arts.


Indulge in fresh sustainably produced local cuisine in our artisanal food court. All food waste, containers, and cutlery are compostable. Support our ZERO WASTE commitment by utilizing the designated receptacles to compost your food scraps, dishes and cutlery!


Walk-in, car camping and RV sites are available, as well as the Eco Camp! This low-impact VIP camping experience (valued at $800) includes a 3-day festival pass, meals prepared and served at the Eco Camp, and a generous tent site centrally located within the main programming area of the Festival. (Each Eco Camp ticket admits one tent, maximum occupancy of 4 people. Only 15 Eco Camp tickets are available!)

Eco Campers play a critical role in contributing towards GET OFF THE GRID FEST. Each camper must be willing to adopt a Leave No Trace ethos while camping and agree to have other festival attendees visit the Eco Camp for product demos and talks about eco-friendly camping provided by our friends at GoSun! They’ll be demoing their solar coolers, hybrid ovens, water purification + sanitation system, long-lasting batteries, and portable PV cells. 

Support our ZERO WASTE commitment! Easy access to composting and recycling is available in all camping areas. Purchase the Compostable Camping Package for everything you need to eliminate waste while camping! If you bring your own single-use items, please ONLY USE certified compostable products with the BPI logo. Local recyclers can’t guarantee that plastic utensils, plates, or cups will be recycled (even if they’re Plastic #1 or #2). We can guarantee that compostable products, disposed of in onsite compost collection stations, will be turned back into soil!

Invocation & Closing Ceremonies

We call the directions and invite the energies of the North, East, South and West to join us during these time-honored group ceremonies. For the invocation, Tom Blue Wolf, Muscogee-Creek leader and Founder of Earthkeepers, will dedicate the Sunwatcher. Joining him is Jacquelyn Howard offering nature-inspired original dance. Scott Houston and Maya Lemberg, Founders of Sol Dance, will lead the closing ceremony.


Each year, we choose a threatened species or mythical creature to serve as a source of inspiration. In 2021, we selected the monarch butterfly. A creature that’s fragile and small, yet also powerful and resilient. In 2023, the regenerative network of mycelium will serve as the Nature Totem to guide and inform the Festival.

Enjoy 3 Days of Music, Learning & Fun Powered by the Sun!