This interactive space demystifies how to harness the sun’s energy to (em)power your life. Understand how solar and other renewable energy systems work through hands-on demos, workshops and presentations. Witness solar power in action by visiting the various solar rigs generating power throughout the Festival!


Ready to take the next step in sustainable living? Hands-on workshops and interactive presentations, hosted by our friends at Farm Where You Live, feature over 50 regional practitioners in the areas of health and wellness, regenerative agriculture, energy and the environment, and arts and community amidst a fun upbeat atmosphere!


HEALing heart cave

Immerse yourself in a welcoming space designed to nurture your body and feed the soul. Sip high-vibe tea, soothe your nervous system with sound healing, raise your energy with a group kirtan or restore during interactive conscious workshops. Receive bodywork or purchase alternative health products including CBD, herbs, salves and tinctures.



6-7:15 PM | Ritual of Belonging | Krista Hagman
Step into community-created sacred ground to share your body’s truth through movement, sound, silence, and stillness. Allow your body to speak and create through improvisational spoken word and movement. Belonging is when we can be untamed and loved for who we are, at the same time. Ritual is the ceremonial space to answer the call of the Soul, to lay down our armor and self-protection, and forge the path of communion with the Divine. When we bring ritual and belonging together, we come alive through connection to ourselves, our community, the natural world, and the Sacred. 

8 PM | Cacao & Connection | Sage Daly & Katie Misanco
Katie and Sage will invite the spirit of cacao to purify our energy, amplify our intentions, and direct the wisdom of the heart. From this place, we work with the medicine of community to reflect and connect to the eternal place within us all. As we deepen our relationship with ourselves, we deepen our relationship with everything around us and create space to experience our lives more fully. As we cleanse the heart, we cleanse our perceptions and outward reflection to the world creating more harmony inside and out.

9-10 PM | Sound Healing | Jamie Flynn, Gong Master 


9-10 AM | Tai Chi Qi Gong | Shane Orfas

10-11 AM | Breathwork | Laura Grace
Release what is not working for you, stagnant energy in the body to alchemize, shift, and heal. Your body knows what you’ve been through. Discover this powerful breathing technique that helps unlock your full potential and unleash a deeper sense of gratitude and love.

11-12:30 PM | Embodied Bliss | Gershone & Gina
Gershone & Gina bring energy and flow to the mantra music experience, with deep grooves, soaring melodies, and transcendent spaces that move and release, clear and open, transform and elevate. Lose yourself into the heart space of the collective experience singing ancient mantras and modern heart songs. Dance it out or sit still and receive – all are welcome!

12:45-1:45 PM | Effortless Releasing | Laurel Askue
Learn about and experience The Sedona Method. This simple, powerful, and easy-to-learn technique uncovers your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment. You’ll feel lighter, more open, and have a greater connection to the Truth of who you are. 

2-3 PM | Sound Healing | Jamie Flynn, Gong Master 

3-4 PM  | Contact Improv | Katie Scott
Contact Improvisation can be a powerful gateway for heightened mindfulness, safe connection, trust/confidence building, practicing boundaries through somatic listening, and deepening your connection to your body. Exploring dance with other bodies can be deeply fun, and transformational, and can help us know ourselves even more. However, for almost all of us, it can be frightening and awkward. It doesn’t have to be, though! 

4:30-6 PM | Ecstatic Kirtan | Radha Rose & Josh Klein
Radha Rose has served as founder-facilitator of Athens Women’s Circles since August 2021 and Athens Kirtan & Bhakti Yoga since July 2022. Her mission is to create intentional community containers that empower personal transformation, vocal expression and collective spiritual healing.


9:30-11 AM | Yoga Gunas | Jessie Adina

11:15-12:30 | DNA Activation & Vagus Nerve | Joana Corby
Meet at the crossroads of epigenetic research and ancient wisdom to explore how to rewrite your story by unlocking epigenetics. The keys come through food, fasting, sauna & cold therapy, breath work, belief, and the fascia, all mediated by the body/soul nexus of the Vagus Nerve.  

1-2 PM | Grief Circle | Stephanie Kohler
This is a space of acknowledgment, where we’ll listen, share, and connect. We’ll tap into divination, sound journey, gentle breathwork, and movement. Your totality of experience is welcome. 

2:30-2:30 PM | Indigenous Music | Native Bones

4-5 PM | Sonic Sounds | Alison Hugh
Rhythm is at the heart of life in many ways. It can also be a catalyst in nervous system healing practices. This class will guide you through somatic healing practices using music (live and recorded) and biofeedback of heart rhythms.


Interact with these carefully curated craft, product and service vendors in an open-air market! All of these eco-conscious vendors are sustainable businesses that are committed to supporting our ZERO WASTE efforts.

Adventure Cocoon  Nuclear Watch South
All Twisted Up Designs OM Grown Art 
Art by Angelika  Planet Connections
Aumdoc’s RattleHead RaVolt
Be One Chiropractic  Recovery Eco Agriculture Project
Carbon Recall York Rooted in Love Massage and Wellness 
Chattanooga Culture Secondhand Sisco
Earthworks Stone Mountain Craft Works
GoSun Stone Mason Design
Guided Heart Wellness Stoned Beautiful 
House of Shanti  Sundance Power Systems
Intuitive Alexis The Quirky Lotus
Michael Drum Tree of Life Family Chiropractic 
Music Declares Emergency – US Twin Elements
My Celestial Phoenix Westwind Tie Dye
Nissan of Greer White Pine Wellness
Norm’s Farms Wild Wood Wear



Our food and beverage vendors share the vision of serving healthy, sustainability-produced local foods and unique craft foods and beverages. The Food & Beverage Arcade has a prime location next to the Main Stage. We are a ZERO-waste producing festival. We compost all food waste, cutlery and paper goods. All serving products are compostable. No single-use plastic or aluminum wraps can be given to festival attendees. This includes condiments, bags, straws, cutlery, water bottles, portion cups, etc. To ensure compliance with our zero-waste policy, a waste audit will be conducted prior to the event. 



Walk-in, car camping and RV sites are available, as well as Family Camping, Quiet Camping and the Eco Camp! This low-impact VIP camping experience (valued at $800) includes a 3-day festival pass, four catered meals, and a generous tent site located within the main programming area of the Festival. (Each Eco Camp ticket admits one tent, maximum occupancy of 4 people.) Limited availablity!

Eco Campers must be willing to adopt a Leave No Trace ethos while camping and agree to have other Festival attendees visit the Eco Camp for talks provided by our friends at GoSun! They’ll be demoing their solar coolers, hybrid ovens, water purification + sanitation system, long-lasting batteries, and portable PV cells.

Linger at Eco Camp to witness crafting at its finest at the Earthkills Village hosted by Firefly Gathering! Experience traditional crafts and skills demos from 10 AM -1 PM on Saturday, August 19th, and Sunday, August 20th including spoon carving, blacksmithing, fiber art and more. Take a break from the action and chill out in the shade while connecting with Earth-centered folks and nature-based skills!

Earthskills Village Presenters: 

  • Harrison Wood | Bows & Archery
  • James Clinkscales | Fire Making & Flint Knapping
  • Jess Kaufman | Fiber Arts & Spinning Wheel
  • Maddie Moore | Blacksmithing
  • Marissa Percoco | Spoon Carving & Fermentation
  • Matt Wright | Fiber Arts & Drop Spindle 
  • Natassja Noel | Cordage & Nature Drawing

Support our ZERO WASTE commitment! Each camping area has access to composting and recycling. Purchase the Compostable Camping Package for everything you need to eliminate waste while camping! If you bring your own single-use items, ONLY USE certified compostable products with the BPI logo. Local recyclers can’t guarantee plastic utensils, plates, or cups will be recycled (even if they’re Plastic #1 or #2). We CAN guarantee that compostable products, disposed of in onsite compost collection stations, will be turned back into soil!

IInvocation & Closing Ceremony

We call the directions and invite the energies of the North, East, South and West to join us during these time-honored group ceremonies. For the Invocation on Friday, August 18, Chikomo Marimba co-founder, Steve Kemble will play from 4:00-4:45 PM to gather people. At 5:00 PM, Tom Blue Wolf, Muscogee-Creek leader and Founder of Earthkeepers, will dedicate the Sunwatcher followed by Jacquelyn Howard offering nature-inspired original dance. Scott Houston and Maya Lemberg, Sol Dance co-founders, will curate and lead the closing ceremony on Sunday, August 20 at 6:00 PM.  

inspired by NATURE

Each year, we choose a threatened species or mythical creature to serve as a source of inspiration. In 2021, we selected the monarch butterfly. A creature that’s fragile and small, yet also powerful and resilient. In 2023, the regenerative network of mycelium will serve as the Nature Totem to guide and inform the Festival.

Enjoy 3 Days of Music, Learning & Fun Powered by the Sun!